taste? what taste?


This is so weird; I get up yesterday and make coffee. I decide to try filtered water, bet that tastes awesome, I think. Nope, I was gagging it down, I couldn’t get over it, I’m never doing that again. Later we’re doing some running around and im starving so we hit Burger King, and this is the really strange part, the Burger King smelled exactly like the coffee did!
So I’m literally gagging this burger down, whatever the heck I have really wacked out my sense of taste. Everything has that penicillin/chrome/aluminum taste to it. Wednesday/Thursday I had a sore throat hacking cough. Friday no sore throat, but exhausted, slept all night and then all day. And then Saturday
Whacked out tastebuds, still not tasting good today either. I hope it wears off soon.[where:353 west fourth street cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. Lead Poisoning? Were you bit by a rattle snake? There's something on wrongdiagnosis.com called "Slickhead Poisoning." I've no idea.