Cincinnati Imports @Oakley Pub and Grill

We go strolling in and Avani, one of the organizers of the import happy hour says, oh there must be a couple parties going on, we're here with Cincinnati Imports.
Nope, you're here with me now.
Oh well, I thought it was funny, but Liz and Avani put on a good show, the place was packed last night, we had to squeeze just to get in the door. Cool to meet some new friends and see all the old ones.

Oakley Pub and GrillOakley Pub and Grill

So I 'm talking to the Food Hussy and stop, "am I making any sense? I'm really drunk"
she starts laughing and says I'm making perfect sense which leads me to believe that
A) I am making sense
or more likely
B) she is drunker than I am

Liz is crazzeee

Oakley Pub and Grill

Feel like I owed Lauren a better picture than the one I took at the tweetup.

Oakley Pub and GrillOakley Pub and GrillOakley Pub and GrillOakley Pub and GrillOakley Pub and GrillOakley Pub and Grill
[where:3924 Isabella Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45209]cincinnati ohio downtown
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  1. awesome photos! thanks for coming out... we will do it again!

  2. so nice meeting you guys...even if i wasn't sure whose party anyone was with that night. lol on your post.