who is making Cincinnati great?

Do you like the direction Cincinnati's vacuous, tone-deaf, and relentlessly ill-equipped one man disaster "Accidental Tourist" promise-breaker of a mayor is taking the city? He cares more about lining his pockets with developer money than he cares about Cincinnati's families and children. Only in Republican logic does kicking families out of their historic Avondale homes equate to being for them.
The mayor looted the money slated to redevelop 4th and Race and gave it to his developer buddies for 8th & Sycamore leaving us this empty block.

4th and Race
The mayor stacked the historic board so his neighbor could tear down the historic Dennison Hotel, located in a historic district.
Erasing history
The mayor is letting campaign donors destroy historic houses in Avondale and toss families into the street.
hospital victims
hospital victims
hospital victims
The mayor must go, your neighborhood may be next!
A VOTE for Yvette is vote for the people of Cincinnati!
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  1. That part of the Dennison Hotel that still exists has not been able to come down because it has compromised the structure next to it. Good job, guys (not).