FC Cincinnati

I've been hearing soccer is the sport of the future since the nineteen hundred and eighties, and I like to joke that it always will be.
That said, I love the energy and excitement that FC Cincinnati has generated. The whole movement has been fascinating, the soccer fans seem just a little more passionate than your average sport fan. Well, maybe not football, but definitely most any other sport.
So this whole FC Cincinnati vs. NY Red Bulls, even a non-fan like me knew this was special and amazing and not to be missed so I made a point to roll down to Fountain Square's watch party. David only beats Goliath in story books so I wasn't expecting FC Cincinnati to actually win this thing but I kept thinking what if.....
It ended pretty much how I figured, you got guys making $25K a year playing against guys making almost a million a year those are long odds. FC Cincinnati had a long string of success in the Open Cup and probably went farther than anyone expected.
FC Cincinnati watch party
FC Cincinnati watch party
FC Cincinnati watch party
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