Streetcar Economic Impact

I'm disappointed that the city and media is totally ignoring how much money is being spent along the streetcar line. I was pulling numbers out of my ass last week and throwing them on facebook. But I really had a no leg to stand on with my guesses.
So I posted a survey in a couple places and the responses poured in.
I'm sure anyone who does this for a living will have some problems with my methodology. Like I said, I'm disappointed it has fallen to me to try and wrap my arms around the economic impact of the streetcar.
Feel free to add your thoughts.
I'm basing this on 200,000 streetcar rides, estimating every person had two "rides" for a round trip.

50% of respondents don't live downtown. I should have worded this better to include OTR so I'm not sure where people who answered no actually live.

Q2) If you don't live downtown how often do you visit downtown a month?

less than 1 time a month 9.43%
2 - 4 times a month 33.96%
more than 5 times a month 56.60%

Q3) How much money did you spend on your streetcar ride?

Less than $10 8.00% - 8,000 people spent as much as $80,000
$10 to $25 19.00% - 19,000 people spent at least $190,000
$25 to $50 29.00% - 29,000 people spent at least $725,000
More than $50 44.00% - 44,000 people spent at least $2,200,000

To me it looks like along the streetcar line somewhere around $3,195,000 has poured into the core since the streetcar began operation almost a month ago.
50% may not live in the core so that could mean as much as $1,597,500 may have been spent directly because of streetcar. Over a year that could be around $19,170,000 and the city and SORTA are hang wringing aver $20,000 for weekend service.
I'd really like someone, the city or someone in the media to have some experts look into this.
This is the biggest story of the streetcar, not fares or operating costs.

Streetcar Grand Opening weekend.
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