There are both people who want change and people who fear change

Just over 14 months ago I expressed the hope that the events that led up to Ferguson would be a turning point in racial relationships and dialog in America.
That was really naive of me, the status quo will never willingly change.
I got a good education yesterday from the supercilious experts on facebook. Just like everything else, caring about your fellow man has become highly politicized. If you express concern for another human being you're a liberal. I thought caring just made me a decent human being.
Someone even posted a study showing African-Americans were less likely to be shot than whites. This is where we are now, rationalizing the murder of black men. Not that we haven't all been victim blaming for years.
Black lives right now in America absolutely do not matter.
And that is a damn shame.

Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter
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  1. I think the politicization comes from the idea that a black man is much more likely to be killed by a fellow black man than a police officer. There has been a black on black murder nearly every two hours on weekends in Chicago this summer.

    No one marches about that.

    It doesn't excuse police brutality or racism, but it should put both in context.

    Ferguson, which the Justice Department ruled as a justifiable homicide, has been used by BLM inflame tensions and may have indirectly led to the murder of several police officers.

    The statistics are whatever people want to prove. That said:

    Most cops aren't racist, black men have much more to fear from other black men than the police, and if people keep murdering police officers, this will end VERY badly for law and order and our communities.

    Peace out.

    1. Police should be protecting Americans, not gunning them down in the streets.
      THAT is what people are protesting.
      As long as people such as yourself continue to victim blame nothing will change.

    2. And your comment on black on black crime. I hope to hell it is more common for civilians to commit murder than it is for police. If not we are really in trouble.

  2. Police ARE protecting Americans, they do it every day. Some cops are sadistic, racist bullies. I get that. Protesting them is understandable.

    I am not blaming the victim and I see that there are problems with law enforcement and their treatment of minorities, but I am also not so quick to blame the police.

    In several of the high profile incidents cited by the Black Lives Movement, the police were exonerated.

    "Hand up don't shoot" is not based reality. Michael Brown was going for a police officer's gun, and regardless of his color, if you go for a police officer's gun, he is probably going to shoot you.

    Even though black males are less than 10% of the population, 40% of cops that are murdered in the line of duty are killed by them. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009, though they made up roughly 15% of the population there. You don't think that makes the police a little jumpy? You don't think crime rates that out of proportion aren't going to cause stereotyping and rational profiling?

    As far as the black on black crime. I agree that civilians should be more likely to use violence illegally than police. That isn't my point though.

    The point is that it is a false narrative that racist police officers are the greatest threat facing young black men today. People should be protesting against the things that have created a situation where hundreds of black young men kill each other every weekend in our major cities: poor schools, the break down of the family unit, extreme poverty, drug laws (prohibition), etc.

    It is a scandal that outrage is heaped less on the dysfunctional culture that produces so many thousands more victims than on the police officers who try to protect them.

    I read your blog all the time and I think your passion on this issue results from your living in an urban area, that you are a good person, and that this is especially painful right to us all right now.

    However, if cops keep getting murdered, they will do what they have done in the past. They will stop policing these areas. That will lead toward urban decay, ultimately more murdered black young men, etc.

    I would point to OTR after that race riots. That was a total disaster.

    It is important that every race be treated equally under the law, but it is also important that people don't incite riots and murder over individual cases which have been somewhat distorted to further a cause.

    1. "Hand up don't shoot" is not based reality.
      You did see that video of Michael Brown getting gunned down while he was holding his hands above his head right?
      Last I heard that was reality.

      It is important that every race be treated equally under the law.
      We agree on something.