we all have blood on our hands

Whatever the fuck it is we've been doing it isn't working. We are actually enabling mass murder not discouraging it.
And I get it, I really do. The idea of not owning a gun is more disturbing to people than a mass shooting. But how many more Americans have to die so people can own assault weapons?
I wish I was more articulate because words are failing me right now. 30,000 Americans are killed every year by guns. What can we do exactly? We seem to have painted ourselves into a corner on this issue.
The conservatives want to pray, the liberals want stricter guns control laws. Neither of these two things are currently working. Sooner or later people will need to get angry and demand change.

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  1. Internet famous. Its the new style.

    1. Go out with a bang take everyone with you. And we've eliminated every obstacle for these wacko's.