The are big things in Cincinnati that make Cincinnati, Cincinnati. Like Fountain Square and Roebling Bridge to name a few. There are also some small things. The city is the sum of its parts. One of those small things in grave danger located smack in the middle of the East Manufacturing Historic District. If an old building isn't safe in a historic district what chance does any building in the city have? The Dennison located at 716-718 Main St., is a six-story Greek Revival/Italianate structure dating back to 1892. You probably know the Dennison as that huge red building with the cool ghost signs. It was purchased in 2013 by Columbia Oldsmobile Company and they want to tear it down for parking, never mind it is on the border of two huge parking lots. Now, the owners are claiming all kinds of economic shortfalls to any development plans. Which raises the question, why did they buy it if there are no viable options. At a Historic Conservation Board hearing for a building earlier this year Danny Klingler, Director of OTR A.D.O.P.T., made this point “the applicant may not be able to overcome the (financial) deficit in this case, but that’s not the key legal question. ... It’s whether the building can be reused by someone."
There are groups working to oppose the demolition and here is how you can help.
#SaveTheDennison t-shirts are available at Park + Vine and Acme Lock And Hardware at Main & Court. They are $10 cash only. Proceeds go to the Cincinnati Preservation Collective Dennison Legal Defense Fund.
You can go to Cincinnati Preservation Collective for more info and to donate directly to the cause.
If you have time Monday April 18th at 3pm, attend the hearing for the demolition permit. You don't have to speak, more bodies will let the board know there is broad support for the building.
And lastly there is a petition you can sign to make your voice known
Dennison Hotel
Dennison Hotel
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