Re-envisioning the Female Body

Is Re-envisioning the Female Body an,
Art show? yes.
Activism? yes again.
Kate Elliot;

The pose of the models is from an ironically medical perspective: one with legs fully spread, as if at the gynecologist, as the female body has been compartmentalized by legislative healthcare decisions.
There has been a ramping up of the war on women the past four or five years. A war on their bodies, their health care and education. Three things most important to independence. Just last week 138 House Republicans Voted Against the Violence Against Women Act. I guess really its been going on forever, it just ebbs and flows like everything else. But that doesn't mean its right.
Re-envisioning the Female Body
Re-envisioning the Female Body
Shocking? yes.
Designed to garner a strong reaction? yes
But no more shocking than the pictures of aborted fetuses paired with genocide victims on campus last year that this show is a direct response to.
Re-envisioning the Female Body
Re-envisioning the Female Body
Kudos to UC President Santa Ono,
“These intellectual exchanges, while invigorating, can also be challenging and at times polarizing, but at a university like ours they cannot be extinguished.”
The show continues today 11am - 3pm on McMicken Commons.
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  1. One of our production assistants is involved in this, and she'll be there 11-3 today [not sure exactly what she's doing as part of it].

  2. I talked to her yesterday!!
    I was wearing a QCP pin and she asked about it and it went from there.
    They have someone stationed at each picture answering and in my case, asking questions.
    Very interesting event.

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    1. HAH! Here I am!! So nice to have met you Friday, Schwartz!

      It IS a small world.

  4. The beef the GOP had with the bill was a provision added that any person here illegally claiming that they have been treated violently in a domestic dispute was automatically afforded a temporary Visa.

    Just because a bill has a name that sounds cool or something we can all get behind doesn't mean it is good law.

    The PATRIOT Act and Affordable Health Care for America Act come to mind.

    1. And that people, is how you get an anonymous comment posted, be intelligent.

  5. Thanks for the kind words and open mind. I respect that.

    Great blog by the way.