Apple users

Ms. 5chw4r7z asked me what I have against Apple computers. Well nothing against MACs actually, they are after all only computers, but I hate the Apple users who need to point out to me how much smarter they are than me because they are using MACS. OH yeah right, that’s why you are calling me with your Apple computer network issues.
So lets peruse the macfixit forums and see what kind of high level issues these brainiacs are having, since they are so much smarter than me. (I’m not talking about those of you who DON’T lord it over me that you use an Apple)

Mac OS x won't start
Numeric pad freezes computer
What are special permissions?
how do I get the CD out?

“How do I get the CD out?” Holy crap! MAC users are so incredibly smart they are on a totally different plane of existence than I am.
I would tell them right click eject but I guess only dummies have a right mouse button.

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